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The convention is not rule heavy; we are all meeting up at the con to have fun and game together. These simple rules will help everyone know what is expected of them. For serious offenses Fields of Honor reserves the right to eject, without warning, any attendee who breaks these rules.
  1. Wear your convention badge at all times. You are not allowed to play or run games without a badge, the badge keeps out all the riff-raff and only pays for the space to game. No one running the con gets a dime, nor free rooms at the hotel or snacks from badge money. Look up 'non-profit' if you don't believe us! :-)
  2. If you are running an event, you must verify every gamer is wearing their name badge. We don't want anyone to be a badge nazi (unless that is a title in a game you are running) if you can't handle confrontation, just tell a staff member and we will handle it.
  3. Verbal or physical abuse of fellow gamers, judges, vendors, or staff will not tolerated.
  4. No refunds will be given, either for badges purchased at the door or for pre-registration.
  5. Underage drinking is not allowed. The drinking age in Iowa is 21. We don't enforce the law, but we know some guys in uniform who do, so keep the liquor out of minor's hands.
  6. No weapons, real or props, are allowed at the convention. Costumes are welcome, so long as they don’t include weaponry.
  7. Fields of Honor is a family convention, please keep this in mind and use discretion in your choice of costumes, games and language.
  8. “Lost and Found” is located at the Registration Table. Fields of Honor and the hotel are not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  9. We’re all here to have fun, so be courteous and leave your area clean when finished gaming.

Children and the Convention The convention is kid friendly, children 12 and over will find a variety of games to play and will be quite welcome to participate in most activities. Some games, however, are simply not suitable for younger players. Kids 10 and under can get in free of charge and will receive a badge and may game. In an effort to make things easier for parents bringing their kids to the convention there are guidelines associated with each game to indicate the appropriate age level of the players. Some referees may have contingencies for other age groups, please read the description of the game for more information. Please remember that children younger than 12 need to have a parent or guardian on the premises in case of emergencies at all times. Unattended children may be plied with free candy and Mountain Dew until their parents can be located.

Pre-registered means prepaid If you pre-register, payment must be received by the pre-payment date for the event or you will have to pay the 'at the door price' for your badge. Payment can be made to Fields of Honor using this website or by mail, please see the Registration Page for more details.

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