Fields of Honor

Game Details

Gamemaster Name
Don Glewwe
BrawlFactory Open Gaming
Rules?...we don't need no stinkin' rules!
Game Type
Miniatures, Other
Time Slot
Friday, 5pm - midnight(slot #1)
Table Size
Not Applicable
Special Requirements
Three 3x6 tables to hold different games - these same tables can be used in slots 2-5 (maybe 6?), so if I can just get a 'block' to inhabit for the weekend?
First night of the Con smorgasbord, courtesy of the Glewwe BrawlFactory. Who wants to commit to anything so early in a relationship, right?...and who wants to show up at the beginning of the slot? Show your resistance to 'The Man' and join the time-slot rebels in the BrawlFactory! A multitude of games(well...actually, just a few) will be on hand for your dice-rolling (or card-drawing) pleasure. Stop by for a few minutes or hours or whatever to try out something you may have enjoyed in the past, or just heard of in the dark corners of a room. The rumors/legends are true: This stuff is crazy, and all games abide by the guiding principle of 'The Hat', which is: Fairness...what's that?
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Minimum Age
None - Rules will be taught
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