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Game Details

Gamemaster Name
Conrad Wiser
Battle of Trafalgar (1805)
Naval Yatzee
Game Type
Miniatures Wargame
Time Slot
Saturday, 9am - 1pm(slot #2)
Table Size
Not Applicable
Special Requirements
Able to swim, tread water, or row for long periods of time may be beneficial
Refight the largest naval battle of the Napoleonic Wars using the lovely 1/1000 scale Sails of Glory ship models. It is 1805 and a British Royal Navy Fleet under Admiral Nelson must defeat a combined French and Spanish fleet under French Admiral Villeneuve to save England from invasion by Napoleon. Will the better quality of the Royal Navy defeat the larger size of the combined allied fleets? This game will put each player in command of a squadron (6-12) of Ships of the line (the battleships of the time). The rules are fast play and there is no record keeping, just dice and markers on the ship models. No nautical knowledge or understanding how to sail is required but proper use of period tactics does get rewarded.
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Minimum Age
None - Rules will be taught
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