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Game Details

Gamemaster Name
Ben Kiefer
Learn to Play: Star Wars Destiny
Game Type
Collectable Card Game
Time Slot
Saturday, 2pm - 6pm(slot #3)
Table Size
Not Applicable
Special Requirements
I'll have enough stuff to teach 4 people at a time. If you have a deck and want to help, please feel free.
Like Star Wars and rolling dice? This game is for you. The Star Wars Destiny CCG is a simple, 30 minute card game where 2 players take a team of their favorite heroes or villains from the Star Wars universe, build a small deck, and throw down with some big, meaty dice. Never played a CCG before? That's ok. I'll have an open table for the entire session, and will be teaching in waves as long as people want to play. If you already have a deck and would like some practice, we'd love to have you. At the end of the session, I'll be giving away one Kylo Ren starter, and one Rey/Finn starter (and maybe even some other prizes throughout).
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Minimum Age
None - Rules will be taught
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