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Game Details

Gamemaster Name
Ryan Skow
Zombie Outbreak - Search for the Cure
Zombie Outbreak (custom)
Game Type
Miniatures, Other
Time Slot
Saturday, 9am - 1pm(slot #2)
Table Size
Large - 25mm-32mm
Special Requirements
Need to setup Friday night and leave setup overnight
Zombie Outbreak is a cooperative game in which you, a scavenger in a small group of survivors, must work together to find a cure to the disease and end the outbreak. Each character is allotted several actions in which they can leap from rooftop to rooftop, dash down the street while nimbly avoiding zombies, or taking the opportunity to 'clear the way' for others by putting down a zombie or two. You also may want to spend time to search buildings for valuable supplies and weapons that could keep you and your group alive. The clock is ticking so be sure to focus on finding the cure before the city is carpet-bombed to eradicate the disease and unfortunately, you along with it...
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Minimum Age
None - Rules will be taught
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